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Groundbreaking for Scout Association of Belize’s new headquarters

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Scout Association of Belize’s new headquarters this afternoon. Love News Johnelle Mckenzie attended the ceremonies and filed this report.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Today the Scout Association of Belize held a ground break ceremony for its headquarters which will be named the Sir Colville N. Young building. Several dignitaries were on hand to witness the momentous occasion. The Scout Association of Belize has been around for some decades now and has helped to shape and mould many youths lives. Major Eric Neal the Chief Scout of Belize shared how his life was transformed when he join the Scout Association of Belize.”

Major Eric Neal Chief of Scouts of Belize: “Just as he was about to lose all hope he stumbled upon scouting. The activities caught his attention and he sat and observed the interactions. He was immediately drawn to Scouting. He did not hesitate and asked to join. Scouting made that young man feel appreciated, it made him feel human, it made him feel loved. Now 25 years later that young man who was told that he would amount to nothing more than a thief became the Officer in charge of Boot Camp at Central Prison. That young man who was told that he would become a domestic terrorist is a commissioned officer in the Belize Defence Force with expertise in combating terrorism and insurgency. That young man who was told he would become a permanent resident of Lordge Ridge Cemetery before his 20th Birthday is alive and well. That young man stands before you as the youngest Chief Scout in the history of the Scouting Association of Belize and the Loyal Aide De Camp to the Governor General of Belize. I am a symbol of the greatness of scouting in transforming the lives of our wayward youth. Scouting transformed my life, scouting saved my life.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “The Embassy of the Republic of China Taiwan donated $200,000 towards the project.”

H.E. Remus Li- Kuo Chen Ambassador of the Republic of China Taiwan: “We know that the overall goal of cultivating a good scout is for total human development such as physical, mental, social and spiritual will of young boys and girls so that they may find a constructive place in society. Besides the good work here in Belize has also focused on training volunteer leaders, rendering community services and providing constructive recreation opportunities and vocational training for youth. Additionally by sponsoring civic service projects to alleviate or even prevent juvenile delinquency and drug abuse is yet another determined goal of our wonderful Belize Scout Association. To connect the dots between the dots of doing all these noble things with wisdom, benevolence and courage and equipping our dedicated scouts with tools and resources to help and build a new home for them and that is what I have learned in the anticipated purpose of the new Sir Colville N. Young building will serve. Once the project is completed it will be home to more than one thousand active scouts and adult volunteers plus the surrounding community will also benefit from this multifunctional building as well. Neighboring residents will have immediate access to the computer lab and facilities on the ground floor of the building.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Dr. Rene Villanueva the Chairman of the Endowment Foundation of the Scout Association of Belize also addressed the gathering.”

Dr. Rene Villanueva: “And then his excellency who in my opinion has tremendous charisma, spoke to Ambassador of the Republic of China Taiwan and hence the money came to start so it shows that in our lives and I think this is something you will learn through scouting as well. In our lives we place our goals inspired by the love we feel for the project we are doing, the love we feel for our young people, the love we feel for the development of scouting in our country. That is what inspires us and our faith. Our faith is in the future of our country, our faith is in the future of our young people and so that is why we do what we do because we have faith in our young people. That if we invest and show the love that they deserve that they will come through for us so we have faith in our young people, we have faith in the people of Belize and in our country.”