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“Group of Friends” Convenes in Belize

In a press conference held this morning, the media was informed that this week is being recognized as Belize/Guatemala Week in which several activities have been planned, aimed at harnessing relations between both countries.  Magdalena Talamas, Head of the Peace Fund of the Organization of American States, spoke of the activities and their purpose.


“This week we are celebrating Belize/Guatemala Week in Belize and we have a number of activities planned. We had this morning on one of the talk show programs and tomorrow we have another scheduled interview and later on in the evening we have the forum at the Bliss Centre where we will discuss the role of the OAS in mediating the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute and we will also showcase our Culture of Peace Program with the children that inhabit the communities in the Adjacency Zone.”

One of those activities planned for this week was a meeting consisting of persons from an estimated twenty countries that are in support of the peaceful resolution of this territorial differendum between Belize and Guatemala.  Talamas spoke to us on the purpose of today’s meeting of the unit dubbed, Group of Friends.


“Group of Friends was established in the confidence building measures that were adopted by Belize and Guatemala in 2003 and it consists of a group of 22 countries, 22 members and observing states that provide political and financial support to the process. They provide advice to the Secretary General and they also provide financial contributions to maintain the office in the Adjacency Zone and the political process going.  So every now and then we meet with them sometimes at not such a high level; today we were able to on account with the presence of both foreign ministers who were able to give them an update of the process, where we are and the challenges ahead and that was the purpose of this meeting and also since this week we have a number of activities scheduled mainly the forum tomorrow evening at the Bliss Center. They have been invited to this forum they will be participating in the forum. So we were taking advantage of the fact that they were going to be in town to meet with them.”

That meeting concluded just after three o’clock this afternoon.  Another event is planned for tomorrow night, being held under the theme, ‘A Culture of Peace’.