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Growing the Future Project hosts 15 annual summer program

Growing the Future Project is hosting its annual summer program in several locations simultaneously. The program is in its fifteen year and its objective is to assist primary school children to acquire the fundamental skills in order to excel in Math and English. Peter Lacey, the Director of Growing the Future Project, told us that the program will run for three weeks starting July 1.

Peter Lacey – Director of Growing the Future Project: “The program is divided up into three sections: we have early childhood which is from infant one to Std. 2. That is students graduating from preschool going into infant one up to Std. 1 going into Std. 2. They will cover reading, Phonics, penmanship, and Math. Then we have the middle division, they will be doing BJAT preparation so the Std. 2 going into standard 3 will be covering the English and Math paper. Then we will be doing a recap and revision for the Std. 3 going into Std. 4 because after that, that is when the gradual transition to PSE begins from Std. 3 all the way up to Std.6. Of course the Std. 5, the four going into the five and the five going into six will be doing PSE preparation at grade level. The cost of the program is fifteen dollars for registration, $65 for infants one to Std. 4 and $75 for Std. 5 and 6. It runs out to roughly $2.50 per hour so that is one of the lowest prices you are going to find for our program in the country. So, a lot of people have been asking me when are you going to do Social Studies and Science but I said the gear we need is in English and Math so we have to stay committed to that and when we do a concentration just in those areas to focus just on the weaknesses because after we do the pretest we know exactly what are the weaknesses of the child and we will be focusing on that for the duration of the program so when the child leaves they have gained a requisite skill that they will need to jump-start themselves going into September.”

The summer program will be held in Belize City, Belmopan, San Ignacio and Dangriga. Persons can call 620-6639 for more information