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Gruesome pictures of murder scene spark public outrage

As news spread that 17-year-old Josephina and 19-year-old Crisencia Oh were found chopped to death, pictures of the morbid scene dominated Facebook this morning. The pictures were published by a media station and an online news blog. The posts caused much outrage, so much so, that many Facebook users demanded that the pictures be deleted in respect for the family of the murdered sisters. At this morning’s police press briefing, the Department’s Legal officer, Senior Superintendent Bart Jones addressed the issue.


We are very much concerned in relation to the graphic photograph being circulated on social media and we were concerned as well that a site that purportedly belongs to a media house and these graphic things without having regards to the families and so we warn the public. Although at this place we seem to enjoy the scandal and whathave you but we want to before we post a picture, whether members of the media or members of the public we want to send out that warning to consider the families who are being affected by these photographs.”

The pictures were deleted but not before being shared multiple times by Facebook users.