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GST has Increased Says the PM

And while, there is a fall in prices of fuel products, revenues collected from General Sales Tax are on the increase. Since COVID-19 regulations have been relaxed, the country has slowly been re-opening for business and collections are steadily improving, compared to the pre-pandemic era and during the start of the pandemic. Prime Minister John Briceno, who is also the Minister of Finance, says statistics show that collection of GST has increased significantly.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “The GST collections dropped considerably the last 2020 but because we have been opening up for business, we’ve been doing a lot of work with tourism and agriculture and BPOs it has increased and certainly not making it –  well not allowing Belizeans to go across the border to Chetumal to do their shopping certainly that has helped but the real reason why it has increased it is simply because we have been pushing growth in the economy, in the BPO sector, in the agriculture and tourism. That is the real reason why it has grown. I know from the collections at the customs department we have surpassed the 2019 month to month level. Now total when we total 2019 to 2021 we probably are going to be there or a little bit more because remember in January it was slower, it has started going out faster every single month and the same thing with GST I’m told now that we’re getting monthly collections to the levels were were in 2019.