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GSU Commander Accused Of Carnal Knowledge

The command of the Gang Suppression Unit is on leave but while he is away there is an allegation that has been made involving him and a 13-year-old child whom he had unlawful sexual intercourse.  Deputy Commissioner Russell Blackett spoke of the allegation.

“I must tell you that yes I was called by the commander of the north and he told me certain things on this same topic. I told him to launch the investigation and presently by sometime today I should get the result of that investigation to review the reports and see what has been said. We want to make sure that it is not malice and that whatever it contains and once it’s true we take the legal actions, no one is above the law. Right now he is on vacation leave and once we see anything that seems to say beyond the doubt that he is involved then we do the usual thing and move ahead for the interdiction process if that is so.”

Flowers has been in command of the Gang Suppression Unit since August 2014.