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GSU Confiscates Drug From Suspected Peddlers

Members of the Gang Suppression Unit rained down on a house in the King’s Park area yesterday evening where they confiscated over three hundred grams of cannabis.  As a result, six men were arrested and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled drug with the intent to supply to another.  Intelligence had led the GSU to raid the home located on Seventh Street in Belize City where it is suspected that marijuana is peddled.  67-year-old, Author Higgs Sr and 34-year-old, Author Higgs Jr as well as 22-year-old,Tevin Middleton; 24-year-old, BJ Kelly; 31-year-old, Omar Manzanero; 26-year-old, Jamal Kelly and 23-year-old, London Reneau were all taken into custody and the charges were laid.  The officers found the first bag of cannabis containing eighty five grams in a wardrobe while the other bag containing two hundred and nineteen grams was found in the bathroom in the vicinity of the bathtub.  The search is part of the anti-drug campaign being carried out by the Gang Suppression Unit.