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GSU Gets Drugs and Firearms

GSU Officers searched a residence on Apollo Street, Belama Phase Four where they found thirty seven grams of marijuana. Present at the time of the search were twenty two year old Shawn Wade and two females. Initially the trio was arrested and charged for possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply. When they appeared in court today, Wade took the rap by pleading guilty and he was fined five thousand dollars. This past Saturday, officers attached to the Eastern Division North strike team arrested twenty year old Patrick Petillo and twenty eight year old Ronald Michael. Both men were in a SUV when they were stopped by the officers who searched the vehicle. Inside the vehicle Police found a little over nine pounds of marijuana. Both men have been charged for drug trafficking.  Also on Saturday, members of the gang suppression unit conducted operations on Police Street in the Saint Martin’s de Poress area of Belize City.  The search resulted in the discovery of five live nine millimeter rounds, one homemade firearm and eleven grams of marijuana in small plastic bags. The items were labeled as found property.