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GSU mobile knocks down toddler

A two year old boy, Tevin Cacho was seriously injured last night. A ruckus was created on the south side of Belize City when a vehicle  knocked down the toddler. The man who was driving the vehicle was an on-duty Gang Supression Unit member. Johnelle Mckenzie Reports.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “First it was children being caught in the crossfire of the disputes between rivalring gang factions in Belize City and of late our children are becoming victims of other misfortunes. As we reported in the week an 11 month old Toddler Marian Vasquez had drowned in a bucket of water in the Belama area of Belize CIty. Last night a toddler was ran over by a Police mobile on Iguana St. and it was an officer assigned to the gang suppression unit that was at the wheel. Love news visited the scene where we spoke with an eye witness about the incident.”

Eye Witness: “They came to clear they Chiney and whilst they were driving up they weren’t even paying attention that they were passing a park and when they were going to clear the women from the Chiney  he had his eyes fixed on them and he ran over the little boy and didn’t even know. They were on the little boy for like 5 minutes before they were conscious that they were on the little boy. We had to lift it with the Police still in there like he was in shock. People come from way down the street and notice what was happening and came to lift the vehicle with me. I could only have lift it enough to release the tension off the little boy head because the way how they look at it the woman Police Officer that was there she peep and she just see his foot and she get frighten and halla” it done dead, it done dead” so then I crawl under the vehicle and I spot the little boy and the little boy watch me straight in my face and it was like so you aren’t going to help take this off of me.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “We understand that the child is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. This is Johnelle Mckenzie reporting for Love News.”