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GSU Ops Yield Significant Quantity of Marijuana

With gang members and drug dealers having spending power to purchase firearms and ammunition via the sale of their products, law enforcement officers particularly of the Gang Suppression Unit carried out several operations over the last few days that yielded a significant output.  The operations began on Friday, July 22 in various known gang territories in Belize City including the PIV area, the Jane Usher area, the Southside Gangsters area as well as the Conch Shell Bay area.  At eight o’clock last Friday, based on intelligence, the GSU went to the Bismark Club on Caesar Ridge Road where they conducted a search of the premises and found a black plastic bag containing eleven packages containing just over three pounds of marijuana.  The bag was found on the roof of the building and thus no one was arrested.  On Tuesday, July 26 at around eleven thirty in the morning, the GSU went to Lucky Strike Village, Belize District where they uncovered an area that had five hundred and fifty five marijuana plants, two hundred and sixty eight mature plants standing five to fifteen feet tall as well as two hundred and eight seven young plants.  At the area, a tent, fertilizer sacks, a fertilizer pump and a water pump were also found.  The plants were uprooted and destroyed.  Meanwhile, yesterday at around nine o’clock the GSU went to the Faber’s Road area where they conducted a search of a junk yard and found almost eleven pounds of marijuana.  Those too were labelled as found property.  Overall, the GSU operations conducted this week resulted in the discovery of twenty one pounds of marijuana and five hundred and fifty five marijuana plants.