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GSU Scores 50 Pounds of Weed on the Southside

The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) was out on the streets of the old capital again following intelligence surrounding drugs and firearms.  On Tuesday, December 6 just after one o’clock in the afternoon, they were in the area of Caesar Ridge Road where they found just over one hundred grams of marijuana in an abandoned house along with thirteen live rounds of ammunition.  According to the GSU, these items are suspected to be the property of a member of the Southside Gangsters Gang but since no one was found in the area at the time of the search, no arrests were made and the items were taken in as found property.  Later on at around nine thirty the GSU headed to Iguana Street and did a search behind the home of a known drug peddler.  That search led them to a nine millimeter Ruger brand chrome and black pistol loaded with six live rounds of ammunition.  Again, this firearm was taken in as found property.  GSU operations continued on Wednesday, December 7 just after one o’clock on Haulze Street in Belize City which led to a black plastic bag bearing two hundred and ninety grams of marijuana.  GSU believes that it was the property of a known drug peddler who resides near the abandoned lot where the drug was found.  On Wednesday just after eleven o’clock intelligence-led operations took the GSU teams to Caesar Ridge Road where they were able to take over forty five pounds of weed off the city’s streets.  A search was done on an overgrown lot behind an abandoned house where the officers found three crocus sacks, all containing parcels of marijuana.  No arrests were made during this search and the items were taken in as found property.  Searches resumed this morning by the GSU teams in the area of Faber’s Road Extension.  At around eight thirty, the officers searched an abandoned lot and found over seven pounds of marijuana; that too was taken in as found property.  The GSU is asking the public’s assistance in providing information that would lead them to more successful operations.