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GSU Shooter Investigated By Police

A man was shot by GSU officers last night; he has been identified as 28 year old Roberto Chan. According to members of the GSU, they were conducting a vehicle check point in an area known as La Linea when a Toyota almost ran over one of the officers and so they fired at the vehicle. According to 24-year-old Ana Rivera of Paslow Falls area, Bullett Tree, she along with her husband, Chan and their children were heading to Belize when upon reaching La Linea she heard two shots and realized that her husband had been shot. She said the officers dressed in camouflage running from the back of the vehicle, ordering them to come out of the vehicle.  Today, GSU Commander, Inspector Mark Flowers, said they found nothing incriminating inside the vehicle.


“Unfortunately no there was nothing incriminating found at that night. I know that the vehicle was thoroughly searched and all they came up with was the aroma of cannabis. Whilst it is certainly unfortunate that all of these crimes are happening, we certainly regret that  it occurred. It’s a regrettable incident and it’s being investigated by the San Ignacio police as well as by the Internal Affairs Division of the police department. The chips will fall where they may and we can only say that officers as far as I know are encouraged to be very careful out there and to exercise especially good judgment when we find ourselves in those situations.”

Chan was shot to the shoulder and taken to the hospital. Police are investigating the incident.