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GSU Takes Fugitive Out of Hiding

He had been on the run for about thirty four days after escaping from police custody at the Belmopan Police Station on October 12, 2016.  Tonight, however, David Cruz Junior is back in police’s custody after the Gang Suppression Unit found him hiding out in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District.  Reports note that at around twelve thirty this afternoon the GSU visited the village and conducted a search at a farm-house.  The house was locked up and the GSU proceeded to search the area.  During their search they found a pump action twelve gauge shotgun with nine live 12-gauge cartridges under a zinc near a tree.  The firearm was taken in and labeled as found property.  Minutes after making that find near the tree, further searches in the bushes surrounding the farmhouse led to David Cruz Junior.  In addition to the firearm and robbery charges he was initially detained for, he will also be charged with escape from lawful custody.  Cruz had escaped along with Lincoln Bejerano from Belmopan Police.  Both men were being held for the Income Tax robbery in Belmopan which occurred on July 15, 2016.  Up to news time tonight, Bejerano remains on the lam.