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Guard Shot at Prominent Law Firm

There were two shooting incidents in Belize City on Friday night. Just before 6 p.m. a security guard, assigned to 15 A Street in the Kings Park area of Belize City was shot while on duty. Love News was on the scene shortly after the shooting.

Jose Sanchez: “A Street in Kings Park is prominent because of the Guatemala Embassy and across the street, sits the office of Eamon Courtenay, a prominent PUP Attorney who is also a former Senator, Attorney General, and Government Minister. The prime location made the shooting of a security guard ripe for conspiracy theorists who speculated about political motivations behind the incident. One of the founding members of Courtenay Coye LLP, Christopher Coye, clarified what unfolded on three office surveillance cameras.”

Christopher Coye, Founding Partner, Courtenay Coye LLP: “ I can only go by what we have seen in terms of the video evidence. I am sure there have been a lot of speculation and rumors to motives and what was being attempted but from the video evidence that we saw there was a clear effort, singular effort to steal the firearm from the security guard. There is no effort to enter the premisses of the firm but rather a simple attack on the security guard with an immediate effort to retrieve his gun. Arising out of the incident was of course Mr. Jeffords being shot.”

Jose Sanchez: “The surveillance video according to the police shows a vehicle with four men; two of them jumped to attack Lascelle Jeffords.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “He was approached by two male persons who had their face covered and a struggle ensued between them. One of the male persons was attempting to take away his security firearm and as a result of that the male person fired several shots at his direction causing the above mentioned injuries to Mr Jeffords. He was admitted in a critical condition however he has been doing well and at this moment he is a stable condition at  the Medical Associates.”

Reporter: Can you say which part of the body was he shot sir?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: He was shot to the right shoulder and the right abdomen area.”

Reporter: “Do you have any suspects or do you have any knowledge of where the vehicle is that was used in the attempted robbery?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Police so far have impounded a vehicle that we can think it might assist us with the investigation.”

Reporter: “Any suspects?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo:  “No we don’t have any suspects so far.”

Jose Sanchez: “You never thought the violence that plagues the city will affect your family?”

Elaine Jeffords, Wife of Lascelle Jeffords: “Well you know what world we are living in and we know that we are not exempted. Nobody is exempted because of the world we are living in but it is a shock to us but until it hits home then you really realize and you say my it really hurts but our faith is in God and we know everything will work out. I would like for the police to do more because innocent people get hurt and it’s just for a gun. People lie to get any little thing so I wish that the Police will do more. Right now this happen to my husband and I haven’t seen any Police Officer, nobody has contacted me. I know it is and ongoing investigation but at least you know I would have wanted to see one of their faces to let me know whats happening.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Jeffords is in a stable condition at the Belize Health Care Partners.