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Guardians of the Chiquibul Note Increased Incursions

The Chiquibul Forest Reserve is a space remotely located from the populated areas of Belize.  Its location has led to very little attention being given to the area and that is where the Friends for Conservation and Development became a factor.  The FCD has been working tirelessly and appealing to the Belizean Government and people to pay attention to the deterioration of the forest via incursions being committed by the Guatemalans.  In a flyover done with the Belizean and Guatemalan media today, Derric Chan who manages the Chiquibul Forest Reserve spoke on the current conditions being faced.

Chan says that for this year there has been an increase in the incursions in the Cebada area.  It is speculated that the increase in incursions is being caused by the demographics in the area particularly the Guatemalan village that is adjacent to the Cebada area.

Monitoring is a challenge as it is a vast area and Chan says that by the time they get to one area and leave, the culprits return to extract the resources.

For a clip of what the Chiquibul Forest Reserve looked like in today’s flyover, you can log on to our website at www.lovefm.com .