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Guat National Out on Bail After Fondling Minor

Thirty-two year old Guatemalan national Ferdy Espinosa, an employee of James Brodie and Company who was remanded into custody on a charge of sexual assault, was released on a bail of $5,000 that was offered to him today by Justice Denis Hanomansingh. The bail was offered on the condition that he does not interfere with the virtual complainant, who is a 15 year old girl; that he reports to Belmopan Police Station every Friday; That he attends Belmopan Magistrate’s Court on August 30 and on every other date the magistrate so orders him until the matter is disposed of; and that he surrenders his passport to the court. The complainant reported to the police that on Tuesday, July 25, at about 7 p.m. she was at home in Belmopan when Espinosa came to her house and grabbed her from behind. She said Espinosa fondled her private part and hugged her and demanded kisses from her. She said she struggled with him and she managed to escape and Espinosa left her house. She said she then contacted her mother and both of them went to the police and she made the report. Espinosa was represented by attorney Anthony Sylvestre. Crown Counsel Christelle Wilson represented the respondent.