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Guatemala Congress Seeks Financing from US for Referendum

Guatemala’s Congress has begun looking at the issue of the Belize/Guatemala referendum and in that process they have reached out to the US Government appealing for financial aid to get the referendum done.  According to a report on the Congress’s website, the expenses they are looking at would total about three hundred million quetzales or about forty million US dollars as they are looking at holding another referendum regarding reforms to their justice system.  The discussion was had in a meeting of Congress led by its President, Mario Taracena.  Back in 2012, Guatemala had made a request of forty six million dollars from twelve countries to hold the referendum which never took place.  Meanwhile, also in 2012 Belize had requested financial assistance in the sum of four point four million US dollars for its referendum campaign.  The request was made to Guatemala and to Friends of Belize.  Belize has already agreed to go to a referendum but according to Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, we are awaiting the final position on the matter from Guatemala prior to undertaking such an expense.