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Guatemala Congress Warns Against Travel to Belize

As you heard earlier, the Prime Minister is confident that tensions will ease and the diplomatic process in settling Guatemala’s territorial claim on Belize will go back to normal.  It is a sentiment consistenly being expressed by Belize’s officials as they harp on the importance of a peaceful resolution.  Guatemala, however, continues on their aggressive campaign and today in a Guatemalan Congress meeting, according to their newspaper, Prensa Libre, the republic’s lawmakers voted on the ratification of a paragraph that says that in order to express the country’s rejection of the position of Belize’s Prime Minister, in relation to the death of a minor at the adjacenzy zone, Guatemalans should be warned of the dangers in traveling to Belizean territory.  This travel advisory is based on what the paragraph refers to as, quote, “constant violation of human rights committed by the defence forces of Belize.  “  End of quote.  In addition, a call was made to Guateamala’s proper authorities to have an information campaign launched warning Guatemalans of the same.  In today’s press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that it is not upon Belize to interfere with Guatemala’s Congress decisions.


“Now the resolution by congress, I am not going to get into that no doubt the congress is extremely important in the governance of Guatemala but clearly we are not going to be in a position to engage congress. We engage the executive so I am going to concentrate on what the executive has to say and what the executive does.”

The motion received 86 votes with only 80 required for it to be passed in the Guatemalan Congress.