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Guatemala launches Educational campaign on Border Dispute

According to Agencias Guatemalteca de Noticias, AGN, the Guatemalan Government has decided to launch two hundred and twenty seven thousand teachers for its educational campaign on the Guatemala/Belize Dispute with the purpose to take the case to the International Court of Justice. According to the article, Guatemala’s Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs seek to teach four million students on territorial, maritime and island litigation. The head of Guatemala’s Ministry of Education, Óscar Hugo López, explained that the dispute between Guatemala and Belize will be taught in 50,000 public and private educational centers, in which four million students will receive classes which will be taught by 227,000 teachers. The news article says that in these classes students will be thought the history of Guatemala and Belize, and the territorial dispute. Government officials in Belize have also launched an education campaign. Officials have been touring the country meeting with different bodies, department and groups of people, informing them of the dispute.