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Guatemala still reeling from deadly volcano

Guatemala is still reeling from the effects of Volcan Fuego, which erupted a week ago spewing rocks, gas and ash into the sky. Love News spoke with Guatemala’s Ambassador to Belize, George de la Roche Du Ronzet Plihal about the current situation in Guatemala.

Guatemala’s Ambassador – George de la Roche Du Ronzet Plihal: 110 dead people, there are 197 disappeared people, there is over 1.7 million affected people, there are more than 4000 people in shelters and more than 12, 000 have been evacuated. In total more than 7000 people have been attended to so it is a fairly big event that natural disaster that we have had to attend these people through. I wanted to thank the Belizean people, the Belizean Government, of course the Belizean Red Cross, NEMO for their show of solidarity during this time of need, the Belizean people have been very sympathetic in cooperating.”

Ambassador Plihal also mentioned volcano relief efforts are set up across the country.

Guatemala’s Ambassador – George de la Roche Du Ronzet Plihal: We have several locations to receive in kind of donations: there is one in Benque, there is one in San Ignacio and Succotz. The one in Benque and San Ignacio are on the basketball fields, they’re quite visible to everybody. There is also one in Corozal, organized by Radio Bahia in front of the Civic Center, that will be going on today in Corozal and Benque and San Ignacio will continue receiving today and tomorrow also.”

Plihal said that the natural disaster has wiped out several villages in Guatemala and it will be a while before the country gets back to normal.