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Guatemala, Unlike Belize, Financially Equipped for Referendum

Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with Ambassador to Guatemala, Alexis Rosado hosted the media at a briefing this morning in Belize City.  The one-hour conference saw both officials responding to various questions mostly regarding the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute and the way forward.  As we have been reporting this week, the Guatemalan Congress has given the nod for their country to head into a referendum.  It will be an expensive venture but according to Ambassador Rosado, the Guatemalans are financially prepared for it.

Since 2012, Belize’s Government had formed the Referendum Unit where public education is ongoing.  While there is money allotted for this aspect, there is the need for referendum financing as explained by Ambassador Rosado.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow had noted that Belize would follow suit once Guatemala holds its referendum.