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Guatemalan Armed Forces Provide Update for Incident in Toledo

While Belize’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is investigating the incident in the south between Guatemalan Armed Forces and members of the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) the Guatemalan media has been trying to get answers as well.  In a Guatemalan publication dated today Reporter Manuel Garcia asked the Army’s spokesman Colonel Ruben Tellez on the incident.  Tellez reportedly responded quote, “The entity that must pronounce on the matter is the Foreign Ministry. I cannot provide you with information in this regard, due to possible implications.”  End of quote.  Garcia added that when the question was posed to the Guatemalan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs a response was not forthcoming.  In a release from Belize’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on January 4 the ministry noted that The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration strongly protests the unlawful incursion of Guatemalan naval personnel for violating Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and will be raising the matter with its international partners.