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Guatemalan Birth Certificate for PUP Standard Bearer Surfaces

General elections is a couple days away and over the last few weeks there have been questions regarding the nationality of some of the candidates.  The latest to cross our news desk is that of the People’s United Party candidate for Corozal Bay, Gregorio Papas Garcia. The certificate certifies that Garcia was born on March 27, 1978 in Guatemala and was registered on April 3, 1978.  We were unable to contact Garcia for a response however we got in touch with his campaign manager, Narda Garcia who is also his mother.  According to her, Gregorio was born in Guatemala however he was registered at the British Consul.  Papas British CertificateGarcia said this was done when children of Belizeans are born outside of Belize because of special circumstances, in this case, they were both studying in Guatemala.  She goes on to say Gregorio is Belizean by affirmation not by descent which he could have obtained because he is the child of two born Belizeans. We will of course follow up on this story.