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Guatemalan Comedian Turn President-Elect Has Sights Set On Belize

A few months ago, Jimmy Morales, a then presidential candidate for the Republic of Guatemala, had been campaigning on the territorial issue with Belize.  According to Morales, one of Guatemala’s historical events that he considers deplorable is that they are losing Belize and that they have not lost yet and that they need to work to regaining the part of Belize that they lost.  Morales went on to say that it would be a priority issue under his presidency, should he be elected.  In early September, Belize’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow responded to Morales’ statement.


“He’s made some statements or at least one statement that is troubling but I am hoping that if he does win the Guatemalan Foreign Policy Establishment, the Guatemalan political elite and certainly the international community will make absolutely clear to that gentleman that any notion of pursuing their claim in a way that is disruptive of the good relations between Belize and Guatemala that is threatening to Belize simply will not be tolerated so I am sure that we’ll be able to deal with that situation if an when it occurs.”


In yesterday’s election in Guatemala, Morales emerged as the successful candidate, garnering majority votes against his opponent, Sandra Torres.  This was an election that was being watched closely by many Belizeans, particularly since it was an issue Morales was campaigning on.  On Belize’s Independence Day, last month, Morales attended a function in Guatemala, where he once again spoke of Belize, saying that they should not let a centimetre of their land, sea and territory, in Belize, go to waste.

JIMMY MORALES (Translated from Spanish to English )

“With the pain in my heart Belize … Belize …. why forget Belize?  Up to several years ago the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala declared that Belize is Guatemala’s territory and we still have a territorial referendum. Without the need to fight with our brothers and neighbors and with the pleasure and the wish, we should not let go to waste and despise a centimeter of our land, a centimeter of our sea, a centimeter of our sea, a centimeter of that that unites us by history and heritage.”

Morales went on to talk about the major rights that Guatemala has over a portion of Belize and that they should pursue the territorial differendum through the International Court of Justice.

JIMMY MORALES (Translated from Spanish to English)

“There were certain persons that published some things that were not so but I spoke over the matter pertaining to Belize and the importance of learning what Guatemala has rights over at an international level, one of which is the matter of the territorial referendum that Guatemala has with the country of Belize. It is necessary that we should recognize that Guatemala can, through a referendum with the agreement with Belize, through an International Court of Justice come to an agreement where it should be delimited the final limits where we can come to a satisfactory agreement with the neighbor country. With this what I’m trying to say is to not let the opportunity pass to have a beautiful exit to the Caribbean.”

Jimmy Morales, the 46-year-old, President Elect for Guatemala is of the National Convergence Front and was a comedian prior to running for political office.  He officially takes over the presidency of Guatemala on January 14, 2016 for a four year term.