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Guatemalan Dead in the Chiquibul; Officials Investigating

Reports reaching our news desk indicate that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence are looking into information given to Belize’s Attaché in Guatemala surrounding a fatal shooting that is said to have taken place in the Rio Blanco area in western Belize.  It is an area that takes an estimated two days to get to via terrain and while a body is yet to be produced surrounding this report, local officials are still looking into the report that is said to have come from someone in the Guatemalan Armed Forces.  We will keep following this story as it is one that is expected to create some tension between the two countries’ officials.  Up to news time, officials were still getting conflicting reports on what exactly transpired. Meanwhile, Radio Sonora in Guatemala has reported that a Guatemalan soldier was shot to the head in the adjacency zone.


As an update to our top story this evening, an official press release came in a few minutes ago from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The release has confirmed that there was a death in the Chiquibul National Park.­­ The identity and cause of death of the person in the area are yet to be ascertained as the body is still at the location.  The release ends by saying that Belize and Guatemalan authorities will collaborate with a view to retrieving the body tomorrow morning, at which time a post mortem will be conducted.