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Guatemalan killed in Toledo, an apparent case robbery

Also on Sunday, sometime after six o’clock in the night, police responded to a call of a body found about four miles into the road that leads to Trio Village in the Toledo District. Police say they found 36 year old Mario Loya, a Guatemalan national who lived in Trio Village, in a drain. He had been stabbed multiple times in his chest and was only wearing boxer briefs. Police suspect Loya was the target of robbers but continue their investigation. ASP Cowo provided more details on that investigation.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB, Belize City: “Mr.Mario was last seen alive on Friday the 23rd when he had left from Trio Village to go and cash his cheque as he is employed at one of the orchards in the area. Police also inspected the scene about a thousand feet away from the Crime Scene and they were able to retrieve other parts of the decease’ clothing being his tennis shoes and pants and the groceries he had purchased. It is expected that it is a robbery as his other personal documents and money from where he had cashed his cheque are missing and his motorcycle is also missing. The body was also in the first stage of decomposition.”

Police say they are unable to say how long Loya’s body was in the drain. Police have no suspect at this time.