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Guatemalan national fatally shot by Police

A Guatemalan national was shot and killed by Police on Saturday morning. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Professional Standards Branch, today updated the media on the weekend incident.

ACP Chester Williams – OC, Professional Standards Branch
“On Saturday afternoon one Edwin Jimenez was the driver of a black Toyota Hilux on the Chaa Creek Road that is situated on the George Price Highway between San Ignacio and Benque Viejo when he was held up by two armed bandits each brandishing short arms and the Hilux was stolen from him by the two bandits who then made good their escape.

Williams said the matter was reported to Police who were stationed in the Bullet Tree area. The stolen vehicle did not stop at the check point that was set up in the village and so Police pursued it.

ACP Chester Williams – OC, Professional Standards Branch
“About two to three miles into the Bullet Tree Road after you leave the police sub precinct the vehicle ran into a fence and I believe that they may have lost control of the vehicle and the police in the pursuing vehicle also came to a stop and a pursuit ensued on foot. During the pursuit one of the bandits was firing shots at the police; this was Ervin Rene Huex Xiquen who is now deceased. Police responded by firing shots at the two bandits. Huex received one gunshot wound to the right chest region; the other person who was with him has been identified as Marlon Portillo. He received gunshot wounds to the groin area and buttocks. Both men came to a stop right at the river bank apparently their intention was to escape across the river but they did not make it.

Police searched the area where Portillo was found and also searched the vehicle.

ACP Chester Williams – OC, Professional Standards Branch
“A subsequent search of the vehicle they had stolen resulted in the discovery of one revolver with five live rounds, that gun is in police custody. From all indications from the police and what the investigation has revealed is that while they were running Mr. Huex was the one who was firing at the police and police eventually returned fire and he was shot and he later succumbed to his injuries on the scene.

Williams said the firearm used by the bandits in the shooting was not recovered. The matter is being investigated by Internal Affairs to see if the force used was justifiable. Meanwhile, San Ignacio Police are also conducting their own investigation into the stolen vehicle and ammunition found. 37-year-old Ervin Rene Huex Xiquen and 20-year-old Marlon Benedicto Chocooj Portillo are both from Melchor de Mencos.