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ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

Guatemalan National murdered 50 yards into Belize

Police are investigating the murder of a man whose body was discovered near Xunantunich about 50 yards from Melchor, Guatemala. Police visited the scene where they discovered the body of a man with gunshot wounds to the back of his neck and to the right, upper chest.  According to ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch he has been identified as 26-year-old Jairo Alfaro from La Baba, Melchor.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Sometime around 2:30PM Benque Viejo Police was called to an area North of Benque Viejo Town along the Belize Guatemala border which would be somewhere in the area of Xunantunich Mayan site which is across the Mopan River where upon arrival the lifeless body of a Hispanic male was seen in some bushes. Upon closer examination of the body, he was seen with one gunshot type injury to the back of the neck and one to the upper right chest. The scene was processed, no expend shells were found on the scene and neither was any blood found on the scene. The person was later identified to be one Jairo Alfaro 26 years Guatemalan of a Melchor Address. . No identification was presented to confirm his identification, the body was removed and transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital where it is currently awaiting a Post Mortem Examination.”

Reporter: “Did he have signs of an ID how you were able to ID him?”

ACP Joseph Myvett: ”There was one person who came forward from the Guatemalan side claiming to be related to the deceased. Well we do not know other than to say that where the body was discovered was just about 50 yards within Belizean Territory in an area opposite Xuchitan Melchor. .”

Prior to his death, he was seen socializing earlier in the day at a bar in Melchor.