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Guatemalan Officers Aid Benque Police in Detaining Robber

As a result of cooperation from the Guatemalan law enforcement authorities, Benque Viejo police were able to nab one of two men they believe were involved in an armed robbery yesterday in that western municipality.  According to the report made by 21-year-old, Esdras Chaneck, a taxi driver of Benque, he was on duty in a green Toyota Corolla just after two o’clock in the afternoon when he was contracted by two men who he picked up from the George Price Boulevard, to take them to Bullet Tree Village.  Enroute to San Ignacio Town, the taxi driver acquired two more jobs including one from his friend, Richard Ponce.  With four men now in the taxi, the two men who were first picked up asked to be taken to a ranch in Bullet Tree Village and when they got about fifteen minutes through the Calla Creek Road, the men then demanded that the driver stopped or he would be killed.  Subsequently, the driver and the other passenger were robbed of their cellular phones, personal belongings and cash.  The men were left in the area as the two robbers escaped in the taxi.  The suspects were described as being Guatemalans between the ages of nineteen and twenty five.  Quick collaboration with the Guatemalan National Police led to the recovery of the car and the detention of one of the men.