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Guatemalan official says Belizeans were trespassing

Guatemalan media was present as well. Today Canal Antigue published their version of the situation. Their title of their story is “They try to put a Belizean flag in Guatemalan territory”. “They” is referring to Belizeans and “territory” is in reference to Sarstoon Island. The report features a statement of Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas of the Guatemalan Marine Forces.

Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas – Guatemalan Marine Forces

This is a manifestation on behalf of Belizeans who intended to put a Belizean flag in a Guatemalan territory. Historically the Sarstoon River belongs to the Guatemalan states this is how we see it, the National Marine defense recognizes this. They were unmannerly, aggressive and abusive, what they tried to do is take over a piece of property that belongs to Guatemala.”