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Guatemalan President Turns Heat Up a Notch in 5-Point Statement

With the killing of Julio Rene Alvarado yesterday in the Chiquibul National Reserve, the Guatemalan government has expressed outrage and as a result, the President, Jimmy Morales has issued a three and a half minute statement, not only expressing condolences to the family but also questioning the Belizean authorities as to what it is that a child could have done to deserve such aggression.  In addition to that, there are five crucial points that the leader of the republic has brought forth and that includes the calling in of its Ambassador to Belize until justice is served.


“I want to express an energetic condemnation for this cowardly aggression and excessive use of force against minors by the Belize Defense Forces.  Because of my what I stated earlier, (1) that the government of Guatemala demands the government of Belize to put the one responsible, or the ones responsible for the death of the Guatemalan child before the authorities for them to be judged in corresponding tribunals. 2- That we have made known to the human rights international commission this violation to the human rights by the Belize Defense Forces against the Guatemalan minors. 3- That I request that the organizations that oversee the protection of human rights that they investigate this cowardly act by the Belize Defense Forces. 4- That considering y goodwill of Guatemala and the conciliatory work by our ministry of foreign affairs to find a peaceful and permanent solution to the claim that exist with Belize and to maintain and develop the good relations that are not seen to be backed up by these actions by Belize, we have decided that as of this moment we will exert a strict protection exercise to the sovereignty of the Sarstoon River and to all the adjacency lines in order to guarantee that there are no more abuse by the Belize Defense Forces against the Guatemalan territory and population. 5- That I have decided call to consultation our ambassador in Belize until the authorities of that country clarifies this regrettable act.”