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Guatemalan soldiers casually walk into Belize’s Western Border office

An alarming video of Guatemalan Armed Forces on Belizean soil has surfaced. The video was captured by a security camera at Belize’s Western Border office. The video shows three men, one of which appears to be a Kaibil, known for their specialized training in Guatemala’s armed forces. The men casually walk into the Customs area of the office. The leaked video is 50 seconds long and shows no sign of confrontation or aggression. However, the mere fact that these Guatemalan soldiers are in Belizean territory is enough to raise alarm. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pat Andrews, is out of the country but confirmed that the Ministry is aware of the matter. Andrews stated that Ministry officials are following up on the matter as per standard procedures. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked the relevant agencies and line ministries for a report which is expected to be received shortly.