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Guatemalans busted with Cocaine, Crack and Cannabis

The police department has arrested two Guatemalan Nationals for drug trafficking offenses over the weekend. A man who resides in Melchor de Menchos, Guatemala was busted with 492 grams of cocaine and 29 grams of crack while a another Guatemalan National, a woman who lives in Cayo, was caught with 336 grams of cannabis.  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette says that they had noted an increase in incidents of drug trafficking in the border area.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Benque Viejo Police were on mobile patrol near the Benque Viejo Bus Terminal when a hispanic male was observed with a black hand bag attempting to board the bus. As a result Police followed him into the bus where a search was conducted on the bag that he had in his possession. Upon opening the bag the Police discovered a transparent parcel which had two different bags of white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine and when weighed amounted to 492 grams. Also another parcel was in the bag which when weighed amounted to 29 grams of suspected crack cocaine. This person later identified as Ivan De Jesus Lopez 34 year old Guatemalan of a Melchor address have since been arrested and charged for two counts of drug trafficking. He has since been taken to the Magistrate’s Court today where he was fined a total of $25,000 for the 492 grams of cocaine and an additional $10,000 for the 29 grams of crack cocaine and he was also sentenced to three years imprisonment. Additionally in relation to the case of the second drug trafficking arrest Police officers along with BDF were conducting a vehicular checkpoint within Benque Viejo Town on the Arenal Road when they stopped and conducted searches on a grey in color Nissan Taxi and in that Taxi was a female passenger whom searches were conducted on by a woman Police which was resulted in the discovery of a black plastic bag containing 336 grams of Cannabis. She was later identified as Ruth Naomi Ordonez 39 years Guatemalan of a Santa Elena Town address. She has since been arrested and charged for the offense of drug trafficking where she also has been taken to court and has been fined a total of $10,000 and a default three years imprisonment and she was given time to pay that fine.”

Myvette says the woman was given to the end of the month to pay her fine.