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Guatemalans Charged for AK, Galil rifle and ammunition

After 12:15 a.m. on the ninth of February, the police in Benque searched a black Range Rover with Guatemalan registered plates.  The officers found one AK-47 Rifle, one Galil ACE Rifle,  47 rounds of 7.62 calibre ammunition and fourteen 5.56 rounds of ammunition. Assistant Commander of Operations, Marco Vidal says the suspects have been charged.

Sr. Superintendent Marco Vidal Assistant Commissioner of Operations: “So in regards to the seizure of the three firearms and the subsequent arrest of the three persons in Benque Viejo all three persons have been charged for possession of prohibited firearm and also possession of prohibited ammunition. All three persons were arrested and charged: George Reyes Viejada, Edgar Delajo and a minor have all been charged.”