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Guatemalans Concerned Over Migration Code on International Immunity

While Belize is waiting for the Guatemalan Congress to ratify going to a referendum to determine how to move forward in their claim over Belize, the Guatemalan La Hora Online news is reporting that Congress is looking at their migration code instead.  The migration code covers international immunity for certain members of the Guatemalan Government and issues diplomatic passports to certain ministers.  This proposed amendment to the Guatemalan migration code will now look at almost two hundred others gaining diplomatic status and subsequently, international immunity.  The online article expresses concern over such a move, saying that it could start the trafficking and smuggling of humans and products which the article says was done in the past.  According to the article, the former Foreign Minister for Guatemala, Carlos Molina Mencos had addressed the issue saying that this move could lead to misuse, abuse, bribes and smuggling because of its international immunity factor.  He added that those who possess a diplomatic passport are exempted from having any record at the Customs ports as was evident from way back in the 1960s when a diplomat was caught in New York as wellas in 2013 when a Congress employee was caught smuggling sea corals and where relatives of former First Lady, Gloria Torres were caught taking undeclared monies into Belize suspected to be for further distribution.