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Guatemalans must pay over $100k or serve time

Guatemalan nationals, Bernardo De Los Angeles Franco Carias and Sergio Wilfredo Morales Godoy were charged jointly for nine violations of the Firearm Act including kept firearm and kept ammunition without a gun license, extended magazine and prohibited firearm.  Carias pleaded guilty to the charges while the charges were withdrawn from Godoy. Senior Magistrate Emerson Banner ordered that Carias be fined and not confined.  (VO STARTS) For the nine violations, Magistrate Banner ordered that Carias pay sixty six thousand and forty five dollars, forthwith. This fine stems from November 2 when police conducted a search at Golden Bay Hotel, Room 305 and found an assortment of guns and ammunition under a mattress.  Also appearing before Magistrate Emerson Banner were Mario Rodolfo Lopez Moreira, Gilberto Gomez Jimenez, and Marco Vinicio Palencia.  They too were charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. In their case, it was a total of five charges. Moreira pleaded guilty to the charges and as a result the charges were withdrawn from Jimenez and Palencia. Magistrate Banner fined Moreira a total of thirty five thousand and twenty five dollars to be paid forthwith. This hearing stems from November 1 when police were conducting a checkpoint in Hattieville, Belize District, where they came across a gray Dodge Ram.  A search was conducted on the vehicle which led to the discovery of guns, ammunition and drugs. Regarding their status in the country, the Guatemalans had gone to court on Monday to face immigration offences; they were fined one thousand dollars each.