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Guatemala’s Claim to Belize The Definitive History

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Assad Shoman, one of Belize’s foremost historians has written his latest book:  Guatemala’s Claim to Belize: The Definitive History. Shoman has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals in Belize as it relates to the Belize/Guatemala dispute. His latest publication has been described as comprehensive and revealing, an essential volume to all students of the dispute and a product of decades of firsthand experience. This morning Shoman met with journalists in Belize City where he spoke about his latest book and what it offers to the Belizean public. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Guatemala’s Claim to Belize: The Definitive History will be officially launched tomorrow at the Image Factory in Belize City at 7 o’clock. It will be launched in Orange Walk on June 12, Corozal, June 13 and San Ignacio, June 15.