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Guatemala’s Defense Commission Speaks of Options in Deterring Its Citizens to Continue Incursions

In a recent development on the Guatemala side of discussions regarding the territorial dispute between Belize and the Republic of Guatemala, Love News understands via the Guatemala’s Congress website that Juan Manuel Perez Ramirez, chief of staff of the Guatemalan army, met with members of the National Defense Commission of Guatemala, made up of members of the congress. Ramirez explained to the Commission that after the shooting death of Julio Alvarado Ruano last week, they increased their patrols and army presence in the adjacency zone. Meanwhile, the head of the Commission, Ana Victoria Hernandez was quoted as saying, “We wanted to know what the army is doing; we are concern about the situation in the 35 communities and we will meet with members of the Ministry of National Defense and Foreign Ministry because we think that we should install social programs to prevent them from crossing to Belizean territory and get killed”.  Chief of Staff Perez-Ramirez, in that meeting, also presented a report on the control they have in the area, adding that they have spoken to the people in the communities for them to try to avoid problems and have also spoken with Belizean military for them to bring to justice the individual or individuals involved in the death of the minor. The Chief of Staff went on to note that currently there are sixty two Guatemalans imprisoned in the neighbor country and with the increase of their military presence they are trying to combat contraband of cigarettes, wood and drug trafficking to avoid the increase of that number of prisoners.