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Guatemala’s Foreign Minister All For the ICJ

Earlier this year we reported on Guatemala preparing to go to referendum with its citizens to determine whether they will be taking the territorial claim they have over Belize would be taken to the International Court of Justice.  It is expected that they will be heading into a referendum in November. In a recent address given by Guatemala’s Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales he noted that the only option in resolving the matter is to go to the ICJ.  According to the Guatemalan publication, Publinews, Minister Morales spoke of three scenarios in the resolution which were namely direct negotiations, arbitration and the ICJ.  He was noted as saying that direct negotiation is not viable as there is no defined border between the two countries. As it relates to arbitration, the Foreign Minister noted that nowadays it is not fashionable as the arbitration that would be to put a pope, a king or a queen to decide which leaves the ICJ as the practical avenue.  He also mentioned that the ICJ demands popular consultations and that will be the next step on the part of Belize and Guatemala.Finally, he stressed that this issue must be resolved, otherwise there will be more deaths, more destruction and more deforestation.