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Guatemala’s Infrastructure Could Be Useful to Belize

Ironically, the Guatemalan’s contention that spurred the territorial claim has to do with the British reneging on their commitment in constructing a road.  Over a century later, the Guatemalans are getting the road constructed through a six hundred and fifty million US dollars financing with Taiwan.  Ambassador Rosado says this development is not expected to change or kill the claim despite Taiwan being a mutual friend of both Belize and Guatemala.  He did say, however, that it could prove to be an opportunity for us.


“I don’t see any relation with what Guatemala has with Taiwan and what Guatemala has with Belize. I don’t see any relation. I wouldn’t want to speculate too much in relation to that role and the Guatemalan claim on Belize. My own view is that in the world that we’re living today we’re talking about connectivity, connectivity generally with technology, with infrastructure and so forth. This is just another example of countries here in Belize; you see a lot of investment in infrastructure, roads and so forth. Guatemala, Central America doing the same thing. Over the past fifteen to twenty years Central America has been concentrating on their pacific corridor, improving the road network from Guatemala, really from Mexico down to Panama. And another huge project they have is their Atlantic Corridor, something that is still on the table and something to which we had wanted initially to join. We didn’t attend a few meetings so we never became as part of it but still it is an eventuality that should we wish to benefit from trade, commerce, investment and so forth, we have to be connected. So sooner or later, we could either miss the boat or the boat will continue moving. What Guatemala is doing in this case, is improving their network of roads. It’s not that the road wasn’t there, it was always there. What they are doing is improving it and it’s good for them, they have two ports on their Atlantic Coast; Puerto Barrios and Santo Tomas. It should be good for their business. To what extent will we use it as an opportunity or use it as a threat. That is something that is left up to us.”