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Guilty Trio Sentenced on 8th Anniversary of James Young’s Homicide

Three men were sentenced to prison today for the 2009 murder of taxi man, James Young. Pauline Soberanis Tillett has the details.


“Three men 34 year old Sherlock Myvette of Esperanza Village, 32 year old Matthew Gentle and 26 year old Ricardo Tzul both of Roaring Creek Village appeared before Magistrate Antoinette Moore in the Belmopan Supreme Court where they were sentenced for the murder of 82 year old James Young. Both Gentle and Tzul were sentenced to 30 years while Myvette was sentenced to 25 years. The three men were found guilty on the 23 February of this year for having taken the life of young. According to court records Young, a taxi man from Belmopan, was lured to his death. The men reportedly hired his service on July 28th 2009. Young’s body was found a few days later some 13 miles of the George Price Highway behind Pooks Hill in Tea Kettle Village. Love News spoke to Marilyn Flowers, the mother of Sherlock Myvette.”


“I told my son to hold on, that God will be with him and that I will keep praying for him during his time in prison. He will have a rough time in prison and I just want to say that God will continue to be with him. I’m not pleased in a way because my son didn’t hurt Mr.Young, because the judge said it, but because of his thing in the prison that he didn’t leave himself in the prison to have them take advantage of him and that is the reason he got that amount of years.”


“The father of Matthew Gentle, Alvan Gentle Sr. spoke to Love News.”


“I begged the judge for mercy because you are born in Christianity, my son Matthew was born in Christianity, he lived for God and when he moved from Esperanza and came to Roaring Creek he started to hang with the wrong crowd in high school. So we advised him but he never listened to us and he did his own thing and later on he started to get himself involved in problems and so that is the reason why he got himself involved in what he got himself involved in what he committed murder and things like that.”


“We also spoke to Alicia Young and Dorothy young daughters of the deceased.”


“After eight years finally comfort comes to our family. The death of our father was unforeseen and tragic and I am wishing today that that does not have to happen to anyone else. Our family, even though we are comforted by the sentencing of the persons who killed our dad we also extend our love to the Gentle family. They are a wonderful God fearing family and this will not separate us from them.”


“Today made eight years since my dad passed away. I am very happy to see that we got justice. I am happy I am not condemning anyone but I am happy to know that out of so many cases that go under the water and they don’t get any result my dad we got justice for my dad.”