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Gun violence claims a second member of the Gentle family

Last night, 28-year-old Quinsy Gentle was gunned down in the old capital just before midnight.The family is in shock and disbelief since this is the second loved one they have lost to gun violence. In July 2016, 31-year-old Giovanni Gentle was shot and killed at the corner of Turton Lane and Regent Street West in Belize City. Love News spoke to Gentle’s sister about Quincy’s murder.

Victim’s Sister

“My brother was walking in the direction to go home. It looks like he saw a gunman roll up on him in a vehicle and that is the understanding that we got. He ran inside the restaurant for safety and because he faced up with the shooter but they already hit him two times already; one in the right side of the chest and one in the abdomen but when he got in the restaurant that is when he collided because he was fighting for air. The people in the restaurant pulled him in and took him to the hospital. It’s really rough on my family right now because then the first one we didn’t get any justice and no one came to sympathize with us.”

At this morning’s press brief, ASP Alejandro Cowo, head of the CIB in Belize City briefed the media on the incident.

 ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of  CIB, Belize City

The information that police has gathered so far is that he was walking from Simon Lamb Street into Kenny Street when reaching almost to the junction of Kelly Street and Matron Roberts he was approached by a male person who fired several shots in his direction causing the fatal injuries to him. He is only 28 years old and the information that we have gathered so far it is pointing to a direction that it has something to do with a previous shooting in that same area.”

Police say that their investigation revealed that Gentle was associated with a gang in Belize City. Meanwhile, the family admitted that he was threatened, but they denied that he was part of a gang. Gentle is the second sibling of twelve to die as a result of gun violence. Gentle was previously detained by the police for criminal offenses.