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Gunman enters the home of 50-year-old man in early morning

Gun violence continues to rage through the Jane Usher Boulevard area in Belize City. Early this morning, around one o’clock, 50-year-old Merrick Lambey was shot while inside his home on Curl Thompson Street. His attacker let himself inside the house where he found Lambey on his sofa and took aim. Police say the assailant fired as many as five shots. ASP Cowo shared what investigators have gathered so far on the case.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB Belize City: Just some time after one this morning Police visited the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where upon arrival they observe Mr. Myric Lamby a 49 year old Belizean from Jane Usher Blvd. area exactly from #6 Carl Thompson St. what he reported to the Police is that he was inside of his sofa sleeping when he just  heard a noise coming from the front door and suddenly he realized a person was beside him and fired several shots at his direction; as a result he suffered several gunshot injuries to his right foot, left and to his right elbow. He is presently admitted in a stable condition at this moment Police so far has detain no one and has no suspect.”

Police are still trying to establish a motive for the attack on Lambey.