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Gunman Killed While Carrying Out Shooting in Belize City

And, three of those gang members were taken into custody from today’s mediation meeting. They were taken away in the back of a police mobile, and that is because they were allegedly involved in a shooting incident that resulted in the death of one man and two others being injured. It resembled a scene from the wild-west as several people were socializing on a verandah last night just after eight o’clock in Locks Alley, just off Banak Street in Belize City. The group came under fire when four young men came from the direction of Logwood Street, jumped the fence, and began firing at them. A crossfire of bullets ensued, leaving 23-year-old, Carrel Sanchez of Flamboyant Street dead. While two others were injured, namely, 25-year-old, Devon Tillett of Fresh Pond, Burrell Boom, and 18-year-old, Deandre Williams of Locks Alley. Police were in the area at the time of the shooting and began a hot pursuit of the gunmen. Resulting in one of them being detained last night while the other two were picked up today. The incident has left, one resident of the area, shaken as she witnessed the men jumping over the fence before they opened fire.

The resident says that while she escaped unharmed the incident could have been far worse given that there were a number of children on the veranda at the time of the shooting.