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Gunmen Release Bullets in Rural Residence

Ladyville police are investigating a shooting incident that happened last night in Lord’s Bank.  Police say just before nine o’clock they responded to a shooting in Lords Bank Village.  On arrival they saw 28- year- old Jorge Caseres lying face down with multiple gunshot wounds. Caseres was transported to the K.H.M.H. where he is listed in a critical condition. Police investigations continue. Reporter Hipolito Novelo has the story.


“When police arrived on the scene they found 28-year-old, Jorge Caseres bleeding severely in the drain. He had been shot multiple times and was fleeing from his attackers. Spots of blood were left on the scene along with two expended shells in the drain and one live bullet near the steps of resident 151 in Lord’s Bank Village.”

RAPHAEL MARTINEZ, Police Press Officer

“Initial investigation revealed that Caseras was socializing at that residence at 151 Lords Bank when apparently somebody knocked on the front door. He opened it and the person and Caseras got involved in an altercation in which shots were fired and Caseras recieved his injuries. As a matter of fact he received injuries to the neck, the arm and his feet. Caseras was transported to the KHMH where he remains in a critical condition.”


“According to reports, it was two men and both of them had a firearm. Caseres does not live at resident 151 but frequents the home so his friends believe that the shooters were keeping a close eye on him.  We were told that when the gunman pointed the gun at Caseres, he immediately reacted in an attempt to wrestle the gun away. During the fight bullets were fired in a house where several people were in including a four year old girl.  Caseres Shooting 1Caseres then ran out the back door and later fell in the drain. The shooters fled the scene. No one has been detained….”


“Based on the initial investigations the person has been identified and police are seeking that person at this point.”


“Are you able to talk to us about the nature of that altercation, was it a personal issue?”


Caseres Shooting 2“From the initial investigation it seems to be a personal issue and the persons do not seem to be from that village.”


“We understand that they are from George Street.”


“I do hope that soon we will be getting to the bottom of this and try to solve this latest shooting incident.”

Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.