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Guns and Drugs Found in Police Officer’s House

A woman police constable is in police detention after a search of her home led police to firearms, ammunition and drugs.  The search occurred this morning in Orange Walk Town.  Police found one M4 Carbine rifle, two 9-millimetre pistols and crack cocaine.  The police constable does not possess a gun license for the firearm and ammunition found.  At the time of the search, one undocumented Mexican was at the house and was detained by police.  The media asked Police Commissioner about it today. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “This morning there was an operation launch in Orange Walk Town by police and during that operation the home of a female police officer was searched. That search yielded one M4 Carbine rifle, two 9mm pistols, several 2 -3 rounds of ammunition as well as several 9mm rounds of ammunition including some cocaine. Police currently have that office in custody along with three other persons who were at home with her at the time and hopefully between today and tomorrow they should be charged and taken before the court. Everyday, we try our best to keep our officers in line and when we find that they step out of line we do our best to discipline them and I can tell you again, we’re dismissing police officers everyday. Everyday police officers are getting dismissed for different infractions including being absent from duty for a number of days, including having been convicted for three or more disciplinary infractions within a particular period. So, we’re dealing with our officers who are not performing up to par but that does not mean we will have a perfect department. We certainly will have still an imperfect department but we try our best to be as perfect as we can be.”