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Guyanese Attorney is taking over Mason’s case

The trial of William Danny Mason and four other men accused of the murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas in 2016, was put on pause when Attorney Herbert Panton filed an application on March 22 for both him and Attorney Rachel Montejo to be removed as attorneys for the accused men. Justice Antoinette Moore granted Panton and Montejo their request. As a result, Mason was left without legal representation and decided to retain an attorney from his hometown Guyana. 38-year-old Dexter Todd arrived in the country yesterday, but before he can practice law in Belize, he needs to be called to the Bar. This morning Todd appeared before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin where he was sworn in.  After being called to the Bar, Todd spoke with the media.

Dexter Todd – Attorney for William “Danny” Mason: “I have always viewed the law as an opportunity and by this, I mean an opportunity in representing our clients, as an opportunity to really enforce the law and to really ensure that justice is served. Some people have the misguided notion that once you are a defense counsel that there are certain challenges and old tricks that you bring, I can tell you that this is not one attorney that does that. I am for fairness, I am to ensure that my client is given a fair opportunity, that the law and the provisions of the law that are afforded in Belize are afforded to him. I will reserve any comment to the case until I have an opportunity to look at what the evidence is. I have not read that per say.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “First time you have taken a case outside of Guyana?”

Dexter Todd – Attorney for William “Danny” Mason: “No this is not the first time I am taking a case outside of Guyana. I am presently doing a very large extradition case from the US. I have done a few narcotics matter in Barbados but those matters I have operated as the advisor to the defense counsel in relation to that. There was no need for me to be admitted and all of that so I basically did the research and pointed out what the options under the law are for my clients.”

Todd said that more than likely Mason’s case will not continue today since he expects the court to give him an opportunity to familiarize himself with the case. Todd has been practicing as an attorney since October 2012, in his hometown Guyana.