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Gwen Liz teachers ‘sick out’

Love News received reports that about twenty teachers from Gwen Lizarraga High School have staged a sickout in protest of the Acting Principal’s decision to reappoint former UDP councilor Alifa Elrington to the board as the Community Representative. Last Monday a group of teachers decided to ‘sit out’ of classrooms because they say that the Acting Principal did not follow the proper process in re-appointing Elrington. The following day, the group of teachers wrote to the Acting Principal, noting their concerns. The teachers expected a response by Wednesday. That response never came and the teachers wrote, once again, to the Acting Principal, pointing out that she has failed to address their concerns appropriately. In response to this, the teachers decided to call in sick today. They believe that their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. In a previous interview, Minister of Education Patrick Faber expressed his support for Elrington’s re-appointment, which he said was important in relation to the case involving Dr. Lorna McKay.