Haitian Girls Rescued from Slave Trade Find Refuge in Belize

Haitian Girls Rescued from Slave Trade Find Refuge in Belize

Ten Haitian female refugees, ranging from ages 11-16, will be making Belize their home after being rescued from the illegal slave trade in that country. Belize has granted refugee status to thirteen minors from the Republic of Haiti.  The group of young girls arrived in the country today via the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA). The minors were rescued by a non-profit organization named, “Beauty out of Ashes”.  Their rescue comes after being sold by their families into the Haiti’s illegal domestic slave trade. The NGO has since grown concerned over the country’s long-standing political, security and humanitarian crisis that has left all government branches inoperative and sought a safer place for the minors. Love News was there for their arrival and spoke with Mark Kubanek, one of the NGO’s Directors, who explained that they are here for safety and to start a new life.

Mark Kubanek, Director, Beauty out of Ashes: “We were looking for a safe place for the girls because of the security problems, the gangs and it’s horrific what’s happened. What I see in the news is not even a quarter of how bad it is. We hear stories from our friends. So we were looking for s afe place and my colleague here he and his wife were on vacation in Belize in January/February so they thought they loved it in Belize and they met a couple of people here so they called them and that sort of started the discussion. They’re fully supported so there’s going to be no burden on anyone in Belize. We’ve had people on the ground here through one of the Mennonite colonies we don’t know the people politically here so he helped connect us and we’ve assured them, we’ve shown them financial records so we’ve been supporting the ministry for many years in Haiti and we’ve got this record of financial support that will continue to support the family here so there’s no cost to anyone on the ground here. I’m one of the board members for an organization called Beauty out of Ashes. They’ve been around for about five or six years in Haiti and they’ve basically provided a home and a couple from our church went down to head that, a home for girls who were called Restevacs there so basically sold by their family into domestic slavery if you want to call it that. There are about 200,000 young kids in Haiti like that so we just helped 12. There’s actually 13 and three of them are going just finishing high school right now in the north west of the United States they’re getting high school accreditation so that they can go onto  college and university because that is not available to them, that level of education was not available in Haiti with the security problems that have been going on. So there are nine girls coming in as well as a couple who are a originally from the same church where I am in western Canada.”

Since Haiti’s President was assassinated in July 2021, armed gangs have intensified their control of strategic areas in the country which has led to a lack of access to fuel that has harshly impacted businesses, schools, and hospitals and created shortages of basic goods including water and telecommunications. Just today, the Secretariat of the Caribbean Communities (CARICOM) issued a release on the violent attack of a building housing Jamaica’s Consulate in Haiti. The violent attack has caused the indefinite suspension of consular services offered by the Jamaica’s Government.

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