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Hand in Hand Ministries gives away 360th home

Hand in Hand Ministries has been assisting families with building new  homes for years. They completed construction on their three hundred and sixtieth house and today they handed it over to Egbert Ferguson and his family.  Ferguson told Love news that he was overjoyed that Hand in Hand Ministries assisted him with gaining a new home.

Erbert Ferguson – Home Owner: “That is something what I figure a man is supposed to achieve for his family. This is my second family, my first family have a home that I provide, not exactly I provide. My mom let me get it and I gave it to my children and my wife. This is my second family and they say that they need something to hold on to, just like when you are joining a church or you are seeking something to hold onto.”

Love news also spoke with Bernard Panton, the Director of Programs at Hand in Hand Ministries, who said the objective of the program is to build families.

Bernard Panton – Director of Programs, Hand in Hand Ministries: “People are interested in getting a house from Hand In Hand, you simply need to come to the office and we have criterias that we have on pamphlet that we give out and the main criteria is that they have to have their own land because Hand In Hand doesn’t give land and they also have to also have that land prepared for Hand In Hand to build on it and if people don’t have land they could give somebody who has land to give them permission for Hand In Hand to build on that land. A big part of the criteria is that once we have done an interview with them and we have done an assessment and we have decided that we want to build, we give them a chance to as you call it to court with us and so before we build  for anybody that is accepted they need to come with us for at least two other builds for two other houses before we build theirs and it is also mandatory that they assist us in building their own house.”

Heritage Bank Limited assisted Hand in Hand Ministries.  Love news spoke with Stacie Soberanis, the Human Resource Manager for Heritage Bank who said this is the second house that the bank has helped to build.

Stacy Soberanis – Human Resource Manager, Heritage Bank: “Heritage Bank Staff we were trying to see ways we could help in our community and last year we became involved with the Hand in Hand ministries program in what they do in assisting folks with getting their home built so last year is the first year that we did it whereby the staff contributed money from their own funds. What we did was we started a dollar drive, that’s what we call it and every payday the staff contributes a dollar from their salary towards this cause so last year it was such an enthusiastic response from the staff. We decided to carry on with it this year and the staff again contributed their funds, each payday the bank contributed some funds and together we were able to sponsor this house with Hand in Hand Ministries.”

For this year, Hand in Hand Ministries has built twenty-six houses with three more to go before the year’s end.